Building Businesses.

Resolving Disputes.

Solving Problems.

Building Businesses

Successfully trying cases is just one part of what we do.  The biggest part of our practice is working with companies and entrepreneurs to create, grow, and defend successful businesses.  Whether it’s drafting or enforcing any type of contract, handling employment or regulatory issues, fighting for clients with the IRS or NCDOR, or negotiating the sale or transfer of a business, we’ve got the experience, skills and determination to get you the results you need at a cost that makes sense.  That’s why, at RLP, our business is growing your business.

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Resolving Disputes

At RLP, we will work to avoid or defuse conflicts whenever possible.   When conflict is unavoidable, we will be tenacious, aggressive and determined advocates for your position.  In every case, though, we will use our exceptional skills and experience to help you resolve disputes as quickly, favorably, amicably, and efficiently as possible.

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Solving Problems

Luckily, not every legal problem requires litigation.  But, everything we tackle requires us to resolve conflicts, maximize opportunities, or overcome obstacles—and usually all three!  At RLP, looking out for our clients and solving their problems is what it’s all about.  Smart, creative, experienced, and hard-working, the attorneys of RLP work collaboratively (with each other and the client) to find the best solution for you.

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